Bakelove Bakewear in LogoLounge

Bakelove Bakewear

Bakelove Bakewear was chosen among thousands of entries to appear in LogoLounge 5 – the fifth in the best-selling series.

LogoLounge is a collection of 2,000 international identities by leading designers. This year more than 33,000 logos were entered for consideration. The winners were determined by an international panel of judges including Andreas Karl of Karl Design, Von Glitschka of Glitschka Studios, Michelle Sonderegger of Design Ranch, Sarah Moffat of Turner Duckworth, Jamie Koval of VSA Partners, Vince Frost of Frost Design, Bronwen Rautenbach of The Brand Union, and Alex de Janosi of Lippincot.

Bakelove Bakewear is proud to be included in such a respected publication. Thank you LogoLounge!

Logo Lounge 5


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